Commercial and Industrial Abrasive Blasting

Commercial and Industrial Abrasive Blasting

With extensive knowledge and advanced equipment we provide professional expertise and services on all our industrial and commercial projects, as well as Surface Preparation and Application of Protective Coatings on many different structures – including Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Installations, Chimneys, Cranes, Pipelines, Bridges, buildings and more.

By using only top quality equipment, such as abrasive sand blasting and coating equipment to suit any project and site, using dry blast and wet blast, bucket blast, pneumatic mechanical prep tools, airless conventional spray, spray pots, roller and brush, we ensure the highest standards of coating application are implemented to suit your requirements.

Coating application with a comprehensive Quality Report for all our projects as per standard AS3894.

Coating Inspection – Our instruments are designed for use in the Blasting and Coating industry. Climatic testing, dry-film thickness testing, Holiday testing and coating adhesion testing as per standard AS3894.



⋅ Offshore Installations
⋅ Bridges
⋅ Chimneys
⋅ Buildings
⋅ Churches
⋅ High Rise
⋅ Wind Farm Turbines, Onshore and Offshore
⋅ Steel structures
⋅ Shafts

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