Safety and Tension Nets Installation

We offer installation of safety nets for construction or maintenance sites

Whenever your projects requires additional access or fall arrest system, we can provide you with the installation of Tensioned Nets or Catch Nets for your construction or maintenance site.

Safety nets are an efficient and effective control method to prevent injurious falls from heights. Importantly, safety nets utilise energy absorption as the fundamental principle governing their design and performance. In the majority of situations, safety nets have distinct advantages over other forms of fall arrest.

Australian Standards regard nets as their preferred method of fall arrest when working at height. Safety nets systems comply with AS/NZS 1891 Industrial fall arrest systems and devices. One of the safest, quickest and most effective ways of installing safety net systems is by means of rope access.


» Rope Access

» Abrasive Blasting

» Coatings Application

» Confined Space Rescue Services

» Height Rescue Services  

» Concrete Repairs and Inspections

» Masonry Repairs

» Non-Destructive Testing


⋅ Offshore Installations
⋅ Bridges
⋅ Chimneys
⋅ Buildings
⋅ Churches
⋅ High Rise
⋅ Wind Farm Turbines, Onshore and Offshore
⋅ Steel structures
⋅ Shafts

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