Jan Sikora at Corrosion and Prevention Conference

As a first-time attendee, at the time of submitting my delegate’s registration form for the Corrosion & Prevention Conference in Adelaide, I was not exactly sure how it would benefit me and the business I am representing.

I was very glad, when after registration I received an invitation to the First-time Delegates Function before the official Welcome Reception. Attending that was an ice-breaking experience where I had the opportunity to meet, greet and chat to other ‘first-timers’ as well as colleagues that have been part of Corrosion & Prevention in the previous years. It was a great start!

Over the next three days I attended a number of very interesting presentations, discussions, forums, plenaries and (who doesn’t love them) case studies. I was also privileged to witness the starting of Ed Potter Corrosion Clock. Moreover, I greatly enjoyed the variety of presented subjects, from those smoothly absorbable by my brain, to those mind-blowing researches and discoveries that only assured me that the corrosion world still has an abundance in store for me to learn.

The Adelaide Conference also made an outstanding contribution to my collection of business cards, but most importantly, gave me the opportunity to be acquainted with people within the industry who were willing to share their professional knowledge and experiences without any commercial barriers.

Altogether, those 4 days in Adelaide suited my expectations perfectly and from an unknown, it happened to be a fantastic educational and networking experience, resulting also in a bunch of notes and scribbles in my top drawer, always easy to reach and refer to.

Thanks to ACA for hosting such an excellent event and I am looking forward to attending another one at the next opportunity.


Jan Sikora

Source: Corrosion Magazine p.33