Rope Access Services

Rope Access Services

At IMS, we tailor our specialist Rope Access services to suit your inspection, installation and maintenance needs.

With our diverse, experienced and multi skilled workforce, we are able to create bespoke Rope Access teams specifically matched to safely complete your onshore or offshore project plans in an efficient and effective manner;

All our operators, beside their skills and trades are Rope Access and Confined Space Entry trained.

We listen to your project plans consider your priorities and then discuss, plan and agree to complete your tasks effectively. With our collaborative approach, extensive range of rope access equipment and our innovative solutions to rope access problems, we have managed to save time, money and reduce disruption for our clients in a diverse range of industry segments including:

All our rope access projects are delivered in safe and timely manner with compliant to IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) standards.

You can see photos from our rope access services projects here.



⋅ Offshore Installations
⋅ Bridges
⋅ Chimneys
⋅ Buildings
⋅ Churches
⋅ High Rise
⋅ Wind Farm Turbines, Onshore and Offshore
⋅ Steel structures
⋅ Shafts

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